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12 Reasons Why Your Church Should Be Listed on

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12 Reasons Why Your Church Should Be Listed on
12 Reasons

Why Your Church Should Be Listed on

Church Introduction. Potential visitors are greeted with your Church Name and Church Location (City & State) at the TOP of your listing.
Multiple Images. As part of your listing you can display up to Six (6) images! In addition, you can add your own Custom Descriptions enhancing the images displayed.
Multimedia. You have the unique ability to present your visitors with Two (2) multimedia files! You may display Video or Audio or Both!
Contact Information. All of your critical Contact Information can be displayed. Including: Office Contact, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail and Website!
Visitor Interaction. offers the following interactive features with every listing: Send an E-mail to this Church -- The ability for a visitor to e-mail you church directly from our website! Get Driving Directions -- The ability for a visitor to get Customized driving directions directly to your church! Print this Information -- The ability to Print your listing directly from their web browser! E-mail this Listing to A Friend -- The ability for a visitor to send an e-mail telling a friend about your church!
Pastor Spotlight. Introduce visitors to your Pastor. Include your Pastor's Name, Picture and a brief Description!
Upcoming Events. Keep Up-To-Date Event information displayed -- Including an event Title and brief Description!
Critical Information. One of your most powerful tools is the ability to display critical "Decision Making" information to potential church visitors -- Your Denomination, Your Church Affiliation, Any Additional Locations, Average Service Attendance, Pastor Education Level, Bible(s) You Use, Language(s) Spoken In Your Church, Your Church Worship Style, Service Time(s), Your Worship Location, Special Travel & Parking Information and a listing of Special Needs Addressed!
Church Overview. Display a custom text Introduction / Overview to potential visitors to your church!
Ministry Descriptions. Display an abundance of information describing your Bible Studies, Children's Ministries, Encouragement & Support Ministries and Missions & Outreach Ministries.
Additional Information. Display ANY type of custom information you wish to display to potential church visitors -- i.e.: What You Believe, etc.!
Unlimited Access. Update your listing ANY time you want -- 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
All of this for only a little more than a quarter a day!
View A Sample Listing -- Click Here To View A Sample Listing!
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